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Real Illegal Immigrants

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Many Americans share the opinion that Mexican immigrants who have entered¬†our country illegally need to be sent back to Mexico. This belief is so racially charged that it’s not funny. Many Mexican-Americans (legal citizens, legal immigrants, etc.) face discrimination simply for being of Mexican descent. What so many people don’t realize is that the Mexicans aren’t the first immigrants to enter this country illegally.

The first illegal immigrants came over from England on a boat called the Mayflower. They stole from the natives, tricked them into a pseudo-friendship, and killed many of them. These immigrants thought that they would leave England because their beliefs weren’t tolerated; just as they did not tolerate the beliefs of the Native Americans. These same immigrants then made laws making it illegal to enter the country without being granted special permission. Hypocrisy!¬†

I believe that instead of sending the Mexicans and other cultures that are living and working in our country illegally back to where they came from, we need to reach out to these people. They are obviously dissatisfied with the way things are in their home countries. Why don’t we do the American thing and offer them citizenship?

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